In the 1980s the Council of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations agreed that a home for the aged was much needed in the Cayman Islands. Members of the Council acquired land belonging to the McField family on which the original Home was built, and the Home was named after the Pine trees on the Seven Mile Beach. Mrs Olive Miller, who was the first Manager from 1983 until 1991 and who now lives in the Home, explained that at the time some people were heard saying “its called the Pines so old people can go there and pine their lives away”. but thats the last thing we want anybody to think, we wanted it to be a place where old people would be sheltered from the sun and the difficulties of old age and enjoy their last days.

The home was formally opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the Cayman Islands in February 1983.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and Richard Arch.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Mrs Olive Miller.
The Pines in 1983.

Hurricane Ivan

The Pines sustained significant losses as a result of Hurricane Ivan which devastated the island in September 2004. Areas of the building were flooded in excess of four feet of water, and much of the roof was severely compromised due to flying debris. Consequently, there was considerable damage to the exterior and interior of the building. Similar damage was also sustained-in the Villas located behind the main building. Almost all medical equipment and supplies,furniture, and appliances were also damaged.

Thankfully, all residents were evacuated to a medical facility shelter prior to the storm, where they remained until The Pines re-opened its doors to residents in December, 2004 when approximately 30 percent of the building was restored.

Although great improvements were made to the building after the storm, additional residents' quarters and common areas were desperately needed in order to provide the residents with adequate privacy. The advent of Hurricane Ivan brought about the need for an improved and hurricane resistant building to the forefront.